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Shenzhen public cloud Century Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as "cloud century technology", has been committed to the diversification of intelligent terminal product research and development. As the embedded terminal product solutions provider, has strong production capacity of independent R & D team, complete product to provide multimedia network digital signage product, vehicle multimedia navigation products, interactive touch machine products, intelligent terminal products, intelligent conference system, intelligent system, UnionPay payment industrial control board PCBA board and so on to provide customers from electronic hardware design, embedded software customization, Android motherboard customized set of solutions.

All cloud century technology adhere to independent research and development and industry application products as the foundation, is committed to the development of China's information industry. Strong ability of independent innovation and deep understanding of the industry based on the demand of the public cloud, century science and technology in the relevant product areas to achieve leapfrog development, in advertising media, education, financial services, hotels, medical, rail transportation, telecommunications, postal services, ...

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