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RK3288 Android decoder driver board
RK3288 Android decoder driver board
High performance: RK3288 chip using quad-core A17 program, RK system is currently the strongest one of the quad-core chip. Using a new quad-core has eight-core speed super performance chip RK3288 motherboard program, compared to the market common single-core, dual-core, quad-core, eight-core program, a qualitative leap in performance, to play a variety of formats HD 4K * 2K video, can handle complex interactive operations.
High stability: RK3288 Andrews board, in hardware, software, to increase their own unique technology to ensure product stability, can make the final product to 7 * 24 hours unattended.
High integration: RK3288 Andrews integrated board integrated Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, 6W amplifier, TF card expansion, built-in 4G module interface, HDMI input, IR remote control, HDMI output, LVDS, eDP, microphone, gravity sensor, GPS and so on, greatly simplifies the machine design. Ultra-thin motherboard design, make the machine design more beautiful.
High scalability: seven USB ports, three serial ports, one I2C interface, four IO expansion ports can expand more peripheral devices.
Product introduction:
RK3288 Android integrated board, using Rockchip RK3288 quad-core chip program to support Google Android5.1 / 6.0 system, RK3288 using ARM quad-core new A17 core chip, GPU with super Mali-T76x series, running up to 43000 points Strong performance, support 4Kx2K, support hardware solution H.265, support for mainstream audio and video formats and picture decoding. Support dual-screen display, dual 6/8/10-bit LVDS interface, support 1080P output, can drive 7-inch to 108-inch 1080P display, support eDP display interface output. Support HDMI-4K output, support 4K level video playback. Support for infrared remote control, Bluetooth, 4G module / gravity sensor / GPS / support serial port expansion / IO port expansion / MIPI camera / HDMI_IN input and other functions, rich interface, a new quad-core has eight nuclear speed super performance chip Become more perfect, widely used in the advertising machine, interactive one machine, security, medical, transportation, finance, industrial control and so on intelligent control field. Because of its hardware platform, Android intelligent features, in the need for human-computer interaction, network equipment interaction, can be used in the intelligent terminal motherboard.
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