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Coagulation force - a one-day tour of the phoenix mountain.

The sun is shining brightly. On February 25, all the family members of the cloud century organized a trip to the phoenix mountain, gathering strength and collecting dust for the New Year of the dog. Packed and packed, the crowd started at nine o 'clock in the morning from the company and arrived at phoenix mountain at 9:20.

With one mind, we are on a journey together

Welcome to the spring and the New Year

The woods are a lot of fun                         The beauty of the mist is most enchanting

I'm on top of the mountain

Phoenix agricultural fun valley -- picnic BBB 0


The team picked all the natural vegetables

The farmyard was very busy

Chief cloud chef

Toast to the New Year

The busy New Year has already begun, fulfilling in the busy, fulfilling in the fullness of the achievement, in the achievement happiness. The unity of the cloud people has achieved the glory and development of the cloud in 2017. In 2018, the phoenix will take off, and the new starting point will bring us more surprises and more contributions and efforts for the development of the industry

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