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LEDI short circuit with GND

Shenzhen Zhongyunshiji Technology Co., LTD. Has been committed to intelligent terminal product development, as the embedded terminal product solutions provider, has a strong independent research and development capabilities, complete product production capacity to provide multimedia network digital signage products, automotive multimedia navigation Products, industrial motherboard products PCBA board, from the electronic circuit hardware design, embedded software customization, Android motherboard custom package solution.


Zhongyunshiji adhere to the independent research and development and application of industry-based products, is committed to the development of China's information technology. Based on strong independent innovation ability and deep understanding of the needs of the industry, all cloud century in the relevant product areas to achieve a leap-forward development in the advertising media, education, financial services, hotel hotels, medical, rail transportation, telecommunications, Government, enterprises, military, chain business and other information construction areas to provide users with the most comprehensive and thoughtful application solutions. As the well-known enterprises in China IT market, in the integrated circuit hardware design and core software development, the technological innovation, business innovation as an important way to develop, the main products are: ARM industrial-grade intelligent control board, advertising machine decoder board, high-definition network advertising Machine decoder drive integrated board, interactive advertising machine decoder board, multimedia information release system. With its strong R & D strength and quality service to provide customers with a full range of digital signage solutions, products exported around the world, won the market and customers of the wide acclaim.


People-oriented, transparent, open and pragmatic management philosophy throughout the day-to-day management, creating a harmonious and friendly team atmosphere, to each employee to provide a good development environment. Zhongyunshiji through our joint efforts to achieve the company, employees, customers of the three win-win situation.


Today, Zhongyunshiji is committed to the core industry bigger and stronger with the spirit of enterprising and continuous innovation, with software, hardware and service trinity of the all-round solution for customers and the community to create more value.


Product marketing at home and abroad, and won a wide range of market recognition and reputation. In the "micro" world Zhongyunshiji will use their own ingenuity in the development of China's integrated circuit industry to add a magnificent color map.

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