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Open hole 3 d

       Naked eye 3D technology is divided into two research and development directions, one is the development of hardware equipment, and the other is the research and development of real content. Glasses-free 3 d technology's biggest advantage is to get rid of the bondage of the glasses, do not need to wear glasses, can greatly improve the 3 d viewing visual enjoyment and entertainment experience. Open hole is divided into four patterns: light protective screen type cuts (Barrier) which is often said that the grating type, cylindrical Lens (Lenticular Lens) technology, point light source (DirectionalBacklight) and four kinds of direct imaging, 3 d holographic projection also belong to a kind of direct imaging.


       我们都知道,3D内容相比2D内容拥有大得多的数据量,需要更强的网络传输基础才可以在广告这类安卓终端上进行   普及。实际上相比电视等屏幕,近些年广告屏幕的3D化一直是行业突破的重点,随着技术进步和内容增长,裸眼3D广告  已经越来越成熟,在5G的超高速网络时代大展拳脚。

Business group identification service pattern: the business front end obtains the image, the architecture alignment identification, returns the naked eye 3D resul.




1、它是以柱镜阵列式技术。该技术通过改变屏幕像素显示方向,从而改变左右眼视差,来得到立体图       像。

2、这次瞳 3D 同时搭载了瞳孔追踪技术,这也使得你在一定范围内移动的时候,依旧可以获得不错的       视觉体验。

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